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    Control A Zombie Horde! Horde: Zombie Outbreak Shambles Into Early Access On July 30th

    I love playing zombie games. Thanks to a zombie obsessed pop culture phenomenon, the last few years have brought us some of the best in zombie games, television, and movies. Though that trend appears to be waning slightly, I hope that there's plenty more awesome zombie content to come. Like many gamers, I can't get enough of hacking and slashing my way through a horde of zombies or taking them out by any means necessary. In fact, zombie mode and hitting zombies with a shovel is pretty much the only reason I play Call of Duty these days.

    Given the vast number of zombie games on the market, surprisingly few allow you to have any control over the zombies — you're either killing zombies or at the very least, attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. Horde: Zombie Outbreak seeks to break that trend and allow players to control their very own horde, with the ultimate goal of infecting humans and conquering the world.


    From Madowl Games:

    "Ever wanted to control a bloodthirsty horde of zombies and wreak havoc on cities around the world? Well, now you can! In Horde: Zombie Outbreak the player assumes the role of the zombies and must overthrow the world by infecting the humans! Each person you infect will become part of your horde. As your horde grows stronger so does the human resistance, the player must use abilities that are linked to certain zombie types to help them fight through the police, swat, and an army!

    Your infecting journey will start small, but quicker than you can say “brains!” your horde will be a terrifying un-dead force! Most humans will flee, some will fight and some will even ram their cars through your precious zombies! Almost everything can be destroyed, smash peoples homes, total their vehicles and rip apart their favorite hot spots from the inside out."


    On July 30th, Horde: Zombie Outbreak is coming to Early Access on Steam. Like any Early Access game, content will be limited as developers create, update, and squash bugs. But, you do get the chance to play the game in the very beginning and offer your feedback to the developers. In addition, for the first week of Early Access, the regular price of $10.99 is discounted 40%.

    Upon release, there will be two main game modes:

    Conquest - Fight against time and the resistance through increasingly difficult zones, complete all the objectives and finally destroy the city landmarks! Play tactically to avoid the resistance wiping out your precious zombies, use abilities to stay hidden and destroy buildings and cars to increase your time! Unlock new cities to infect by completing conquest in other countries. First stop London. Next up Moscow.

    Endless - How long can you and your zombies last in an Endless city rampage? No time limits just pure destruction! Compete on the leaderboards against your friends and the rest of the world for zombie horde glory! Choose your favorite zombie and the abilities that suit your style of play.

    New content will be added after the initial release including unleashing your horde in other cities around the world, more zombies with new and different abilities to expand the ways and strategies in which players can control and use their zombies, and new game modes that could include co-op play and even a map editor.

    Watch the trailer below:


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