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    Is Splinter Cell Franchise Making a Return? The Upcoming E3 Might Provide the Answer

    As the E3 2018 rapidly approaches, gamers around the globe are getting excited, and it’s not just because of the mandatory cringey conferences which became rather prominent in the recent E3s, but also because many new titles and continuation of old franchises are expected to be announced. And while games such as Serious Sam 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are sure to get their gameplay revealed, there are a number of titles which are rumored to be in development or which will have their final release date officially announced during the conference.
    I am personally most eager to discover as to whether the famous Splinter Cell franchise will be making a return to the gaming market, as I have been an avid follower of the series ever since the original 2002 release. Although at the time of the first release I was a young teen in a third world country, with limited knowledge of English and American politics, which meant that I had no idea what was happening in the game’s storyline, I was fascinated by how cool Sam Fisher and all his gadgets were (especially the sticky shocker).
    For the next 10 years, Ubisoft kept releasing new Splinter Cell sequels, each time introducing new mechanics and gadgets to the series, which along with excellent writing and worldbuilding managed to significantly expand the game’s universe and deepen the plot (which I finally began to understand as my English somewhat improved). The multiplayer and the coop modes which came with the Chaos Theory were unique and unlike anything released to date, and they’ve earned the sequel a critical appraisal which propelled the entire series to one of the best stealth game franchises ever.

    No other game lets you team up with a friend and take out bad guys as a modern ninja armed with high tech gear.
    Then in 2013, Ubisoft just stopped working on new Splinter Cell sequels despite the series’ success and high Metacritic scores which ranged from 80 all the way to 93 for the PC versions. This made the series go into weird hiatus with Ubisoft shifting focus on other Tom Clancy series such as the Rainbow Six and the Ghost Recon and only seldomly releasing statements claiming that the Splinter Cell franchise is not forgotten.
    Due to this, it came as everyone’s surprise when last month Ubisoft announced a new Ghost Recon Special Operations update which featured the iconic voice of Michael Ironside, the original Sam Fisher voice actor who has been in every sequel except the last one, The Essentials, after which the hiatus happened. The badass trailer featured Sam Fisher getting ready for a deployment in Bolivia and asking for some extra firepower in the form of ''his friends’’ the Ghosts. Along with the subsequent update came the mission in which the Ghosts rendezvous with Sam Fisher in an enemy compound, following which they have protect and escort him out of the hostile zone. A week after the update released, Michael Ironside gave an interview for GameTrailers saying that he never left the series and that he is Sam Fisher, strongly suggesting that there will be more of him in the future and that he is not giving up his Sam Fisher role to someone else again.

    Sam Fisher's appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands came as a surprise and lit up hopes that a new game is in development.
    Now if this is true, there really couldn’t be a better time for a new Splinter Cell game to happen. Considering that Metal Gear, the only other stealth franchise on par with Splinter Cell, has grown into an abomination called Metal Gear: Survive, there really aren’t any stealth franchises left in the gaming world. Even the aforementioned mission in Ghost Recon touched on this issue just prior to the conclusion, when Sam discovers that the ''army infiltration guy with a bandana’’ (aka Snake) has retired, leaving him as the only remaining stealth operative in the world. Besides, I highly doubt that Michael Ironside will be going around giving interviews, citing he is Sam Fisher if he was to come back just for a short trailer, and a mission where he speaks less than hundred lines.
    Having all this in mind, I am fairly confident that a new Splinter Cell game is in the making and will be announced at the upcoming E3. Although this would mean that we’d have to wait for another year or two for the final release, new game technologies which were developed since the last Splinter Cell iteration in 2013, give Ubisoft a chance to completely restart the entire franchise by giving Sam new abilities and gadgets there by breathing in new life and securing the series future as the only stealth game available on the market.

    It's only you left Sam and that's why you can never go away from us. :')

    Feeling Nostalgic for Old Horror Titles Such as The Clock Tower and The Hunting Ground? If That’s the Case, Claire is Sure to Bring Back Some Good Memories

    I am a big fan of horror. From movies and shows, trough video games and books, and all the way to the modern day creepypastas, I thoroughly enjoy playing, reading and watching scary material. On the other hand, I am also a big fan of doggos and cannot imagine my life without these loyal, brave, smart (…. I can go on forever) creatures roaming around my house and my yard. So, when two of these things combine in a form of virtual entertainment, I simply must check it out, and that is exactly how I discovered Claire.
    Claire is a 2014 2D survival horror game published and developed by Hailstorm Games. The plot follows Claire, a high school female protagonist in a desperate search for her comatose mother who has disappeared from her hospital bed.
    The game starts out with some rather cheerful music and a conversation in between Purple Friendship Bear, Blue Harmony Bear and the main protagonist Claire about opening a portal to the Candy Palace. Things start going sour in about ten seconds as Green Bitter Bear joins the conversation and starts complaining for not being included in the game, upon which the cheerful music starts getting slower and eerier before coming to a screeching halt. This is when young Claire awakes from her teddybear-filled dream and discovers her room getting filled with dark smoke and black butterflies. The player is given an option to run but that only leads to Claire being pulled back towards the black smoke by an unknown force.

    The game goes from surprisingly cute to surprisingly disturbing in about one minute.
    Upon breaking free, young Claire can explore the house in search of her parents and her brother Ethan but that only leads to more horrors as the house gets corrupted and random furniture starts flying around, tv begins emitting poltergeist-like static and every clock gets stuck at 3:33 am. Everything culminates with Claire discovering her parents’ bloodied bed levitating in the midair, following which, now much older Claire, wakes up in a hospital room next to her bedridden mother.
    The player’s then tasked with controlling Claire in an effort to find coffee, but after a short elevator ride, the dark smoke starts taking over, eventually causing Claire to be transferred to a corrupt version of the hospital where dark figures lurk the hallways and the lack of electricity means that Claire’s lighter is her only source of illumination. It wouldn’t be long before Claire discovers her mother’s bed empty and she is caught by a huge flesh-like monster who then attempts to pluck her entrails out with a giant rib bone. In the last moment, she is saved by her trusty loyal companion, a German Shepard named Anubis. From there the two go on an eerie exploration of the corrupt hospital wings and apartment buildings as well as some other locations which I will not mentioned here as to evade spoiling the game and its further plot.

    Gameplay-wise Claire features a 2D environment which the player is able to freely explore with goals of finding clues to the story, as well as triggering optional special events which impact the game’s ending. Besides the free exploration, Claire is also reminiscent of Clock Tower as it features no combat. The player is only able to run and hide from the pale-faced enemies known as Growlers, with occasional ability to temporarily obstruct their advance by placing object in between. Nevertheless, this only serves as a short slowdown, as Growlers always break through the barriers and continue their pursuit until the player successfully hides or escapes at least two rooms away. The dog companion serves as an early warning for enemies, as it will start barking as soon as one is nearby. He is also able to occasionally scare off or slowdown incoming Growlers.
    The doggo also come in handy in maintaining sanity, as this game, like many other modern-day horror games, also features a sanity meter. Sanity gets depleted by witnessing disturbing events or being pursued by enemies and if it reaches zero, Claire’s health will begin to drop until her eventual death. In order to maintain her sanity, Claire can either pet her dog or play fetch with him, or can find and eat hard candy and chocolate bars. Having a good light source also helps, as Claire will not get frightened easily, so it is crucial for players to ration the batteries they find, as the lighter illumination is rather dim and offers little fright protection.

    Not sure how chocolate can fix your sanity after being chased by these things, but it's better than nothing i guess.
    In regard to the graphics, Claire is phenomenally executed with old-school pixelated graphics utilized to the max in order to evoke a scary gameplay environment. Distorted imagery followed by static noise additionally contributes to the overall creepiness of the game’s atmosphere and the excellent background music and sounds further enhance immersion. The dog mechanics are similar to the Hunting Grounds, while the levels are very Silent Hill-like, meaning that Claire was heavily inspired by these games.

    Map and inventory layout really remind of older titles such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
    Overall, it took me about 8 hours to complete Claire, and I am currently on my second playthrough in an attempt to get the good ending. As such, Claire is sure to offer many more of fun and scare, so for the current Steam selling price of 2.99 USD, this game is basically a steal.
    The Steam sale on Claire lasts until May 7th so make sure to grab it until then.

    Save Humanity – Play Offworld Trading Company For Free This Weekend On Steam

    Well, at least I know what I'll be doing this weekend. I'll be playing Offworld Trading Company by Stardock and Soren Johnson's Mohawk Games. Offworld Trading Company is the best selling economic real-time strategy game. The free weekend has already started and the game will remain free-to-play until 1 PM ET on Sunday. If you discover that you like it and want to keep on playing, it's 50% until Monday, May 7th. In addition, the Jupiter's Forge expansion, game soundtrack, and Offworld Trading Company: Gold are 65% off during the same sale period.
    The Gold bundle is an amazing deal. For $25.65 during the sale, you get the full game, soundtrack, and a bunch of DLCs. This pack normally costs nearly $74.00, so this bundle is definitely the way to go.
    If you're interested in seeing the game played in real-time, Soren, other members of the dev team, fans, and staff will be streaming live on Steam to showcase the game throughout the weekend.

    From Stardock:
    "Buy out your competition and take control of the Martian market in a strategy game where money, not military force, is your greatest weapon. The real-time, player-driven market is the foundation of the game, allowing you to buy and sell resources and materials - even the food and water that the colonists need to survive. Build up enough capital and gain access to the lucrative offworld markets so that you can buy out your rivals and claim the Martian economy for yourself.
    Battle isn't limited to the board room; you can use the black market to employ some more... underhanded methods for victory. You - and your opponents - should prepare to deal with pirate raiders, or hackers trying to disrupt production, or a covert electromagnetic pulse to an opponent's base, and much more."

    "We're really excited to be bringing this free weekend to players," said Soren Johnson, lead designer and president of Mohawk Games. "Offworld has been my passion project - it's fast-paced, deeply strategic, and is awesome in a multiplayer setting. This event is a great opportunity for new people to try out the game with their friends and play with the community of Offworld fans."
    Offworld Trading company has single-player campaigns but also multiplayer games with up to eight players. Individual players can also take advantage of "skirmishes", daily challenges, and ranked ladder games. Keep in mind that the ladder games are geared towards serious players and have intense competition. Play as different types of CEOs with unique traits and abilities. 
     "In order to win, you will need to make tough choices on what resources to acquire, what goods to build and sell, how to interact with the planet's thriving underworld, and what stocks to acquire and when. With over a dozen different resources available and a constantly changing market economy, no two paths of victory are alike -- each game holds a different “key” to dominating your competition."
    This is the type of game that you sit down to play, telling yourself "just one game", only to look up and realize that hours have passed and you've been totally engrossed. The visuals are wonderful, the soundtrack is perfection, and the sci-fi elements are well-executed. It takes a little while to grasp the multi-layered gameplay, but once you get the hang of things, you'll develop your own strategy and system that works for your individual playing style. Offworld Trading company is somehow casual and intense at the same time and it a great way to spend the weekend away from FPS battle arenas. 

    Conan Exiles Releases Soon, But How Would Conan Fare In Our World? Watch The Videos!

    Funcom’s open-world survival game, Conan Exiles, is ready to launch and arrives on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in less than a week! On May 8th, players will finally have the opportunity to fully explore and attempt to survive in the land of Conan the Barbarian. It promises to be an exciting, but unforgiving world. 
    From Funcom:
    "Survive in a savage world, build your kingdom, and dominate your enemies in brutal combat and epic warfare.
    Start with nothing but your bare hands and forge the legacy of your clan, building anything a small home to gigantic fortresses and entire cities. Wage war using swords, bows, siege weapons, and even take control of giant avatars of the gods and lay waste to enemy cities.
    Explore a vast, seamless world full of challenge and opportunity. Hunt animals for resources, slay monsters for treasure, and delve deep underground to discover the secrets of ancient civilizations."

    Let's face it — Conan has a much better chance of surviving in his world that we ever would. We'll be able to conquer it in-game and even thrive, but in real life, it's unlikely that most of us would make it very long when faced with murderous beasts, cunning enemies, and the necessity to provide our own food and shelter.
    That said, Funcom seems to think that the reverse is true, as well. Conan the Barbarian might not know how to handle our world, either. Those modern conveniences that we take for granted? They might just be Conan's undoing! Watch the hilarious videos below to see what happens when Conan encounters our world.
    First off... Scandinavian Furniture.
    Here's what Conan had to say about the experience:
    "I have found a book ten times more diabolical than the Necronomicon or the moldering scrolls of Skelos," said Conan the Barbarian. "It's called Assembly Instructions."
    The first time I saw a robot vacuum cleaner in action, I was pretty amazed. How do you think Conan feels? Hint: my dog agrees!
    And finally, an airplane... it's just a magical flying beast, right?
    By the time Conan Exiles hits PC, Xbox, and PS4 in a few days, it will have spent 14 months in Early Access on PC and 9 months in Game Preview on Xbox One. During that time, developers have made major improvements to the game. The world has more than doubled in size and of course, bugs and issues have been eliminated. Key features such as farming, fast travel, world bosses, legendary weapons, warpaint, new gear have been added to improve the overall gaming experience. Combat has been tested and upgraded with an entirely new combat system, designed to be both brutal and tactical. As a whole, there are high hopes for Conan Exiles to be an impactful game in the open-world survival genre.
    Even for players in early access, the May 8th is a big day. A huge launch patch will expand the game world even further and PS4 players will get their first chance to play.

    Yoku's Island Express Available Today For Pre-Order. Watch The Brand New Trailer!

    Team17 and independent developer Villa Gorilla are gearing up for the release of Yoku's Island Express, coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on the 29th of May. After the May release, it will be available as a digital game only, but a physical edition of the game will be in stores on June 19th. 
    Yoku's Island Express is described as a "charming pinball platformer" that tells the story of hero Yoku the Dungbeetle. He has ventured to Mokumana Island to relieve the resident pterodactyl postmaster of his duties. He's looking forward to living the easy life — performing his duties and soaking in the sun, relaxing, and enjoying all the island has to offer. But, it isn't long before Yoku notices that something is amiss on Mokumana island. The islanders, a colorful, quirky cast of characters are the victims of quakes and storms, caused by The Godslayer. He has risen again and disturbed the sleep of the ancient island deity, Mokuma.
    From Team17:
    "It’s all down to Yoku to traverse the island using a unique blend of pinball mechanics and open world exploration, in an amazing quest to help those in need! Flip and bump our pint-sized protagonist around the stunning hand-painted island on your quest to rebuild the post-office, discover the mystery of the Fruit Altar, and wake an old god from its deep slumber."

    Utilizing non-linear gameplay, Yoku's Island Express allows players to forge their own path through the multiple quest lines. From the look of the trailers and screenshots released by Team17, it looks beautifully colorful and wonderfully unique. There appears to be a diverse world and landscape to explore. In addition, a lot of time has been invested in the story, which promises to add depth and richness. On his journey, Yoku encounters characters great and small. As he helps each one, he transforms from postman looking for the simple life to an intrepid explorer, adventurer, and hero. Early reviews are positive and highlight the game's addictive gameplay formula as well as the bright, uplifting overall tone.

    The collaboration of Team17 and the developers at Villa Gorilla appear to be a match made in heaven. “With Team17 we’ve found a publishing partner that cherishes innovation and style – something we recognized way back when we played Alien Breed on our Amigas. We feel that their commitment to quality and fun gameplay is a perfect match for us, and we are incredibly excited to be working with Debbie and the team to finish and release Yoku’s Island Express.” said Jens Andersson, Co-Founder of Villa Gorilla
    Debbie Bestwick, MBE, CEO of Team17 added, “Yoku’s Island Express has such a beautiful, distinct style with a unique twist on the platform genre. It’s a true gem, we’re looking forward to working with the very talented Villa Gorilla and welcome them to our growing games label family.”
    Just in time for the pre-order, there's a new trailer that gives anxious players more insight into the story of Yoku's arrival on Mokumana Island.
    Watch the latest trailer below:
    Yoku's Island Adventure is available May 29th for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC .

    Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Gets 3 New Monsters And A Brand New Esport Mode!

    Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, or just "Tactical Monsters" as it's commonly called, is a turn-based strategy game played on a hex grid. Players place their "monsters" on the board and control their actions during gameplay. Battles last 3-5 minutes each and it's a great game for casual players and players who are willing to put more time and effort will be rewarded with more powerful monsters. Of course, like most free to play games, a bit of money will allow you to collect more and stronger monsters. While there's nothing wrong with this common system, it often means that those that can't spend a lot of money on a game or don't have as much time to commit will struggle to compete with the players who do. When it becomes impossible to win games, those players may simply move on to a different game or quit playing altogether.
    To keep players and to deal with this common issue, Camex Games, Tactical Monsters' developer, has updated the game with a PvP esports mode. The esports mode caps the level of players to make player matchmaking more balanced and PvP in this mode is more "fair", more in line with the spirit of esports. In my opinion, this is a fantastic improvement to an already strong, playable game. In addition to the PvP modes, Tactical Monsters features a single-player Adventure Mode, a Guerrilla Warfare mode (a series of gauntlet runs against some of the game's bosses), Clans, a Mine Defense mode, and more. It features real-time, online multiplayer competition with a diverse cast of monsters from all over time and the universe.

    As an added bonus to the new esports mode, Camex has announced three all-new monsters. Players have a FREE chance to win the newbies by participating in the new PvP mode.
    #1 “HOGGY” The Tunneling Expert (Traditional Worker):
    "Despite his funny face, Hoggy is a formidable tactician mole. He digs tunnels every he goes! Watch where you step, be careful not to fall into his potholes!"

    #2 “W51” The Malfunctioning Machine (AI Worker):
    "W51 is a totally unstable powerful robot, his final self-destruct explosion causes major damage to enemies around him!"

    #3 “SANKA“ The Forest Drummer:
    "Sanka is the Big sister of the mysterious forest triplets (along with Hunka and Bunka). The sound of her drums provides her team with extra strength... Be discreet or her cougar will devour you! Use all three sisters together to gain major team benefits!"

    Collect and strategize your strongest teams with these three new monsters and more than 40 other monsters available in the game. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is perfect for players that enjoy turned-based strategy and games with hero collecting and leveling. The addition of an esports mode illustrates the developer's commitment to their players through fair gameplay modes while continuing the popular uncapped PvP mode for players who strive to build the strongest teams of monsters. The monsters themselves are clever and varied, with entertaining histories and unique abilites.
    Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is available for Mac, PC, and mobile.
    Watch the trailer below:

    Serious Sam 4 is in Development and This Crazy Trailer Confirms It!

    There is only one video game series that features a headless kamikaze who can somehow scream at the top of his lungs while running at you with two bombs glued to his hands. Those are the series of the Serious Sam games, and a new, fourth installment was just confirmed for it.
    For those unaware, the first Serious Sam game was released back in 2001 and featured FPS gameplay where the game’s main protagonist Sam, had to fight hordes of aliens attempting to invade the Earth. The Egyptian desert setting was rather unique for the time, with many of the famous historic monuments such as the Luxor and the Pyramids of Giza appearing as playable areas.
    The gameplay was an interesting mix of the already popular games such as Doom and Quake. The stages were quite large and open, so the game mechanics featured Quake-like dodging and jumping while spraying enemies with bullets from large weapons reminded gamers of Doom. The crazy enemy design, such as the mentioned Beheaded Kamikaze or the Gatling-gun wielding Scorpions, combined with quirky violent humor propelled this game to one of the most recognizable first-person shooters of the time.
    The time of the release significantly helped Serious Sam’s popularity as well. Considering that in 2001, Doom 2 was seven years old, that Quake 3: Arena was turning two and that Duke Nukem, a potential rival to the franchise, was stuck in its 5th year of development hell, it is no wonder that Serious Sam, a game that combined all three, gained recognition in the gaming world.
    Over the next 17 years, Serious Sam got two more official sequels, two HD remakes, as well as a number of spin-offs, short indie installments and VR-test releases. The latest announcement is that official fourth installment is in the making, that its name will be Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass and that the gameplay will be “on a brutally bigger scale, and not a single desert level”.
    The official reveal is scheduled for E3 2018 but until then we can all enjoy the released trailer in which Sam gallantly rides his motorcycle trough picturesque forest, only to encounter and blow up a screaming Beheaded Kamikaze and then ride into a horde of incoming enemies.
    Check out the trailer underneath, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

    Want To Be a Captain of a Steamship And Explore The Dark Corners Of The Unterzee? - Check Out Sunless Sea, a Survival/Exploration RPG Based On British Poetry

    “A zailor raises her hand, sniffs sharply. Blood on the wind.”
                                                                                                                    - Unknown zailor, Unterzee Chronicles, 1887
              All seafaring lovers out there can agree that besides the recently released Sea of Thieves, there haven’t been enough games in last few years that would put us in the shoes of ship captains and allow us to wrestle for the control of the sea, explore the unknown corners of the murky oceans and fight nightmarish sea monsters. And while the excellent Assassin’s Creed Black Flag features large vessels and seaborne combat, the plot was rather standard as any other AC game and exploration of faraway islands rarely contributed to the deepening of the game’s lore. Unbeknown to many gamers, in the same year that AC: Black Flag was released, London-based Failbetter games started developing a story-rich sailing/exploration game which became known as the Sunless Sea. Following a successful Kickstarted campaign which raised more than 100 000 Pounds, the game development lasted for two years before the final release in February of 2015.
    Sunless Sea follows the setting of the critically praised web-browser game Fallen London which came out in 2009 and was developed by the same studio. Both games are set during the late 1800’s, in an alternate history timeline where a swarm of bats took the City of London off the face of Earth and transported it to an underground ocean known as the Unterzee. As such, London became the fifth city to be taken underground over the course of hundreds of years with the previous one being Karakorum, the Capital of the Mongol Empire. Over time, the two cities became bitter rivals often waging war with one another, as well facing monsters that dwell on the surrounding islands and underneath the Unterzee’s surface. Besides the Mongol sailors and the subterranean creatures, the Londoners also need to worry about the devil with whom they’ve been in a war before and who so frequently visits the city, that he has opened his own embassy in it.

    Fallen London and Sunless Sea are set in the same universe, but are completely different gameplay wise, with first being a browser game and latter a top-down RPG.
    Besides the devil’s embassy, the Unterzee is riddled with islands which are home to mind-bending anomalies. For example, the Irem island archipelago serves as a gateway to the Parabola, a dreamlike realm which features unexplainable geography and is inhabited by domesticated cats and serpents. On the other hand, Polythrem is the home of humanoid creatures known as Claymen. As their name suggest, these begins are made of clay and are often used in London as cheap labor, and the player will have an option of transporting them aboard their ship for some good income. The Avid Horizon is also a disturbingly weird place to visit as it is encased in ice, and attempts to pass through its port will result in zailors losing their bodies and be forced to forge new ones while inside.
    In terms of gameplay, Sunless Sea is played from a top-down perspective, similarly to the old GTAs. At the very start, players are given a task of creating their captain by choosing his/her past as well as the ambition for which the captain is striving.
    The Captain’s past affects the starting stats and go from the Captain being a Street Urchin which gives a bonus to the skills of subtlety and evasion, a Poet for which bonus is awarded to skills of trickery and knowledge, Veteran which grants buffs to damage, Priest which gives bonus to healing and morale, and Natural Philosopher which ups skills of detection and perception.
    Conversely, The Captain’s ambition decides his future and as such, sets the conditions for winning the game. Offered ambitions include: Fulfillment for which the Captain needs to write a book of his tales and stories; Wealth for which the Captain needs to get rich and buy the most expensive house; Father’s bones for which the Captain needs to find his father’s remains and return them to London; and The Uttermost East for which the Captain needs to explore and map the entire Unterzee.

    Some of the locations that can be visited across the Unterzee.
    Following the creation of the captain, the player is awarded a basic ship which will be used for exploration. Each ship requires crew, fuel and supplies in order to run and all of these can be bought in either in London or on the islands across the Unterzee, however the prices of each will vary severely depending on the location and the kind of relations the players has with the locals. Ships can also be upgraded with various equipment such as back and forward weapons, searchlights, engines and other auxiliary equipment. The available upgrades will depend on the type of ship the player possess, so for example, frigates can be upgraded with two weapons while merchant ship can only have forward one, but will have larger cargo space.
    From the very start of the story, the players are free to roam the entire Unterzee at their leisure and visit any island at any time, however it is strongly suggested that every trip in pre-planned. This is due to the fact, that the rate at which supplies and fuel is spent depends on the size of the ship and the number of the crew. Running out of fuel means becoming stranded in the dark waters of the Unterzee and losing your ship and maybe your life, while depletion of supplies would cause the crew to start rebelling and even becoming cannibalistic. On top of that, every journey also increases crews’ terror which needs to be maintained in order to avoid mutiny. If any of these bad events happen, player’s Captain has a chance of dying or losing his/her ship.

    Shops sell both legal and illegal goods which can be used aboard the ship or sold for big profit, but be careful as customs might randomly decide to search your ship.
    If optional permadeath is turned on, the death of a Captain usually means starting from scratch with a complete rearrangement of the Unterzee’s islands unless a will has been made in the previous run. In that case, the new Captain will inherit either a part of the late Captain’s fortune or his ship and upgrades, or the map of the explored areas. Losing your ship on the other hand is a double-edged sword, because although your Captain gets to live and the story progression is saved, you lose your cargo and most of your money and are given a ship “the size of a dining room table” which is not very suited for long voyages.
    Overall, Sunless Sea is an incredibly unique game. The narrative is exceptional with many of the important plot elements being taken directly from the British literature, such as the poem Kublah Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge which came as a result of an opium-induced dream (no wonder the devil has an embassy in London). The exploration is quite rewarding, as every new location deepens the game’s lore and potentially starts a new quest. The graphic and the music are immersive and add to the feeling of loneliness which comes with exploring the vast and dark Unterzee. Along with open choices and multiple endings, Sunless Sea is a very engaging game that will offer dozens of hours of playtime and is definitely worth checking out for all seafaring-RPG-loving-sailor-wannabees out there.
    The Sunless Sea currently holds Very Positive ratings and is available on Steam for 18.99 USD. 

    Act Quick! Get A Code To Play The Free-To-Play Early Access Version Of Quake Champions

    Today is an exciting day for player's of Bethesda Games' FPS, Quake Champions. There's a new update that includes a new Champion — and that Champion is Strogg! There's also a new map, a new weapon, and several new features.
    In addition, players can take advantage of the codes that allow early access to the free-to-play version of Quake Champions. Hurry up and snag a code from PC Gamer or MMORPG. In the future, the free-to-play game will launch for everyone, but early access players will have a definite jump on the competition. 
    From Bethesda:
    "The Free-to-Play Early Access version of Quake Champions includes all maps and modes, along with one starter Champion, Ranger. Additional Champions are available for purchase or can be earned through playing the game, or players can upgrade to a paid version at any time. The final full release of Free-to-Play mode is scheduled for later this year. Now is the time for players to get a jump on the competition, hone their competitive skills, and customize their favorite Champion."
    If you don't get a code and want to play Quake Champions right away, you can purchase the Champions Pack which includes early access to the game and unlocks all current and future Champions as well as other exclusive in-game bonuses for $29.99, or the Scalebearer Pack for $4.99, which comes with two starter Champions, Vanity items, cosmetics and more.

    Quake Champions is set to continue the Quake legacy and become one of the foremost FPS arena battle games. Regular updates are rolling in, including the latest update, which was just released. Here are the new features included in the April update:
    New Champion – Strogg: Half military-grade metal, half-decaying flesh, and 100% ready to rage, the primary enemy from both Quake II and Quake 4 is back as Strogg fights to be freed from the Dreamlands and reestablish contact with his ruthless warlord Makron. Players will also be able to take control of Strogg’s sidekick Peeker, an airborne AI drone that shoots explosives. Enemy kills are turned into a nutritional paste called Stroylent that provides 25HP, but players need to act fast – other Strogg players can steal lingering Stroylent.   New Map – Awoken: Players will find themselves navigating a misty labyrinth of tropical ruins in this month’s newest map, Awoken. The vine-entrenched arena will be playable in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Duel, 2v2, and Instagib. New Weapon – Plasma Gun: Brace yourselves Quake veterans, the Plasma Gun from Quake III Arena is back as an alternative version of the Super Nailgun, replacing both the model and projectiles with the classic look. This high-powered cannon melts unwitting foes with bursts of pure energy and is sure to shake things up on the playing field. New Features: The April Update also brings other improvements, including Daily Rewards given when players first login for the day and a new player UI guide that helps new players get up and fragging faster. Additional features will continue be added as the game progresses towards full launch.  
    Need some tips on how to play Strogg? Check out this tutorial:
    Quake Champions is available on Steam and Bethesda.net. 

    Futuristic Thriller, State of Mind, Promises To Be Epic. Watch The Latest Trailer!

    What will the world look like after this storm, what will remain of humanity?
    There's a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming release of State of Mind, a futuristic 3D thriller that delves into transhumanism, or "the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology".
    The game takes place in 2048 Berlin in a world that it finds itself at the edge of a cliff. Society is at a crossroads: resources are no longer readily available, and illness, hunger, and constant war plague humanity. Even though much of this is brought on by the technology that destroyed the environment and rendered the human workforce virtually useless, ultimately causing financial collapse, government and corporations continue to insist that this same technology will solve everything. 

    From Daedalic Entertainment:
    "In the game, main character Richard Nolan is one of the few journalists openly criticizing this development. When he wakes up in hospital after an explosion and finds that his wife and son have mysteriously vanished, Richard realizes: he and his family have become more than just bystanders in a storm of rivaling ideas pertaining humankind’s salvation between dystopian reality and digital utopia. Instead, they find themselves right at the center of it.
    This domestic drama evolves into a thriller about a worldwide conspiracy, which at its core aims to determine the fate of humanity: Could a perfect digital utopia be the answer? A virtual paradise not affected by material needs and quarrels? Could a super-AI be our savior – or would it simply declare us as dispensable since it could not be taught the value of philanthropy?"
    Set in the not too distant future, State of Mind is a timely game. It grapples with questions that affect us even today — how technology and AI impact the environment and our day to day world. Our ever-increasing reliance on automation could be our path to a better future but it could also be our ultimate downfall. In this future, it has had a profound impact on human existence, right down to our thoughts, feeling, and relationships. This may not be our eventual future but one of the things that make State of Mind so gripping is that it could be.

    Daedalic is known for developing games that are highly story-driven and with a unique visual style. Games like The Long Journey Home and The Pillars of the Earth are dissimilar in their time period and gameplay mechanics, but Daedalic always manages to provide players with a thoroughly engrossing storyline, no matter the time or place the game takes place. State of Mind promises to deliver the same experience — well-developed characters, compelling story, and a game that makes you question your choices and how they will affect not only your character's future but the fate of humanity within the game.
    State of Mind is now available for pre-order on Steam and GOG, but will expand to consoles, including Nintendo Switch, upon release.
    Watch the latest trailer:

    Creeper World 3 - Arc Eternal Review

    Hey guys wolf here to talk to you today about one of my favorite games out there, Creeper world 3 arc eternal. Some of you may be thinking, "But wolf this game was released forever ago!!!11" thats right. Creeper three was released in march of 2014, and developed by knuckle cracker studios. But that does not change the fact it is a game changer in the strategy world. 

    Creeper 3 isnt like your average strategy game, instead of having an enemy with normal units, you fight the CREEP which a fluid like substance bent on destroying everything in its path. You have an assortment of turrets available to you A la tower defense. You can also use fighters and bombers that you unlock along the way to keep the creep at bay. In your journey you try to find out why you were awoken, and what your purpose is. Everything is not to difficult For you and your AI companion though.

    As you travel from planet to planet you learn that your name is Scars Abraxis, and you have been asleep for millions, if not billions of years. Vast empires have risen and fallen to the creep, and you are the last hope. I wont spoil too much, but its a great ride. It may also take you a few hours to complete !

    My only Gripe is that the graphics leave you wanting something more, but what it lacks in graphics in makes up for completely in story and gameplay. It also isn't too fast paced if your looking for a little numb numbing video game action. But be warned, Some missions can take an hour or so to beat.

    So to sum it all up for creeper three:

    - Great Storyline
    - Well balanced
    - assortment of units
    - Different type of fluid strategy
    - Something different!
    - Game play can be repetitive
    - Grapics leave something to be desired
    - long mission times
    My final score for Creeper Three, is a solid 8/10. If you guys havent checked it out, i highly recommend you do! Right now on steam it is going for 14.99 so not too pricey at all either.


    Dead Ground: Arena VR Available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

    Dead Ground: Arena, the early release version of the upcoming FPS VR game Dead GroundZ, is now available through the Oculus experience store. Previously, the game was only available on Steam and via Viveport. Keep in mind that playing Dead Ground: Arena requires an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset.
    This early release title includes missions, battles, a variety of maps, realistic military-style weapons, exotic weapons like the Freeze Ray and Gravity Gun, and the opportunity to fight more than thirty types of NPCs. In addition, players can customize the difficulty level, which ranges from normal to the challenging veteran mode. The release of Dead Groundz promises much of the same experience, with more weapons, additional maps, and a fully-immersive story mode.
    Dead Ground: Arena takes place in four levels of arena combat against hordes of flesh-eating zombies and bosses. VRillAR, the game's developer, highlights the exquisite graphics and "new standards for VR gun handling", all thanks to the Unreal 4 engine.

    From the press release:
    "Players take on the role of a secret agent for Blackrain, for whom they are sent on a range of challenging missions. To fulfill their objectives, players can choose from twenty different weapons to take down thirty different, terrifying enemies. Missions range from VIP and hostage protection to fighting your way out of ever-swelling hordes in a confined space. Dead Ground: Arena supports teleport movement through your VR controller and direct player movement, and comes with a variety of graphic settings to fit each player's hardware requirements providing a seamless immersive experience."

    As with any early release title, Dead Ground: Arena suffers from a few issues and bugs, but the developer is making a point to respond to players' reviews and bug reports, and is making adjustments in updates. While playing with bugs can be a frustrating experience, early access gives gamers the opportunity to be involved in the development process and to play a promising new game. The lower price point is also a draw.
    One Steam review states:
    "Overall: Very fun zombie shooter with unique gameplay. 
    You go into each mission with two pistols, then pick up weapons, health upgrades, and ammo by shooting floating bubbles that appear when zombies are killed. This adds to the action, because you are not only trying to kill the zombies, but shoot your upgrades as they float away. Add to that, very likable civilians to protect, and the game is a blast.
    The zombie types and attack styles are creative and the environments well done and varied. I enjoyed the quirky voice acting.
    I run the game on Super Ultra, and it is beautiful. The game is AAA quality.
    I would really like the addition of checkpoint saving, especially right before a boss fight. Replaying an entire mission just because I die in a boss fight is unnecessarily tedious. 
    I recommend this game, and am excited to play the main game being released soon."
    Both Dead Ground: Arena and the upcoming Dead Groundz are part of the growing VR gaming movement. VR technology is quickly becoming the wave of the future with new and better hardware and software available to the masses at accessible prices. 
    Dead Ground Arena is available for $14.99 on Steam, the Oculus experience store, and Viveport for the HTC Vive. 
    Watch the early release trailer below:

    Play Marvel's Avenger's: Infinity War With The LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 DLC Pack

    On April 27th, Marvel Studio's Avenger's: Infinity War is coming to theaters, and to celebrate the release, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has added another DLC Level and Character Pack to LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2.  The original LEGO Marvel Superheroes game was so successful that it required a sequel and fans of the Marvel Universe and LEGO games can't get enough of the franchise. Too often, LEGO video games are pushed aside as "games for kids", and while that may be true in some cases, LEGO Marvel Superheroes is entertaining for adults and families alike. It may not be the most challenging game out there, but it's difficult enough, and the iconic characters and familiar LEGO sense of humor are endlessly enjoyable. Puzzles, combat, and co-op play offer a multi-layered gaming experience. But, it's the characters that keep players coming back.
    The press release details the all-new level included in the latest Level and Character Pack DLC:
    "This action-packed level offers players the chance to control Thanos, one of the most dangerous Super Villains in the Marvel Universe, and his ruthless army. The Mad Titan and the Children of Thanos have invaded Attilan to take on Black Bolt and the Inhumans in an all-new original game level. Working as a team, the menacing crew must work their way through the various levels of Attilan before they are given the opportunity to break through to Black Bolt’s throne. New unlockable characters Thanos, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Hulkbuster 2.0, and Groot (Avengers: Infinity War) add to the main game’s roster of over 200 Super Heroes and Super Villains."

    The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War DLC Pack is part of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Season Pass which includes six playable levels and four character packs inspired by Marvel universe comics and movies.
    The entire Season Pass features:
    • Classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack
    • Agents of Atlas Character Pack
    • Out of Time Character Pack
    • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 Movie Character and Level Pack
    • Champions Character Pack
    • Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Character and Level Pack
    • Cloak And Dagger Character and Level Pack
    • Runaways Character and Level Pack
    • Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Movie Character and Level Pack (not released)
    • Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Character and Level Pack (not released)
    The Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and The Wasp haven't been released yet, but the Infinity War pack should arrive this week along with the movie. Each character pack and character/level pack is available separately, but at $14.99 for the season pass, it's the best deal.
    The character packs are cool, but the new playable levels are what players look forward to the most. The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War DLC Pack gives gamers a chance to play as some of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe as well as unlock even more playable characters in the game.
    LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

    The Game That Made Me Rage Quit: Darkest Dungeon

    Some of the things that the yearlong mandatory service in my home country’s army has taught me was to be patient and remain calm under stressful circumstances. Whether those circumstances involved me cleaning the floor underneath my bunk with my toothbrush, or having a 4’7’’ officer jumping and screaming at my face with his morning tuna breath, I always pushed myself to show as little emotion as possible.
    So, when a game known as Darkest Dungeon made me rage quit and slam my laptop shut, I knew then and there that this game is special and will be etched in my memory for a long time.
    The Darkest Dungeon is a turn-based dungeon crawler with RPG elements developed and published by Red Hook Studios. In in, the player controls up to four characters of various classes and personality traits with the goal being the rebuilding and cleansing of a hamlet which has succumbed to evil forces. The gameplay consists of clearing dungeons of creatures and insects, fighting disturbingly disfigured bosses who are products of necromancy and magic, and collecting treasures and trinkets which are used to improve the characters’ stats and rebuild the hamlet.

    The Swine King, The Blind Prophet and the Formless Flesh are just some of the bosses encountered under and around the ill- fated Hamlet.
    On top of the classic turn-based combat and procedurally generated dungeon crawling, the Darkest Dungeon also includes some rouge elements. Permadeath is one of them and is present from the very start of the game, meaning that once your character dies, he is gone for good along with the money invested in his leveling. Even the trinkets worn by the deceased character will be lost in the dungeon if there is no other character available to pick them up and take them out of the dungeon in the same run.
    Sanity, quirks and diseases also play crucial roles. Every venture into the dungeons depletes the character’s sanity meter which, if it reaches zero, tests your character’s resolve and causes him to either gain a positive virtue or a negative affliction. For example, they can either become courageous and gain multiple stats buffs or can become cowardly and start missing their targets, waste their turn on a random action or skip their turn all together.
    Unlike virtues and afflictions which last until the round’s end, quirks are gained after every dungeon and are permanent unless cured or replaced by another. Examples of these include kleptomania which will cause your character to steal from another or necromania which causes your character to search every encountered corpse there by risking setting a trap or contracting a disease.
    Speaking of diseases, they also play an important part as they can significantly alter your character’s stats. They are usually contracted through exploration and combat and include examples such as Syphilis (lowers your accuracy, damage and health), Tetanus (lowers accuracy and critical hit chance) and many others. Diseases just like quirks can only be cured for gold or replaced by new ones.

    Maximum stress tests the characters' resolve with one becoming Courageous and the other Hopeless.
    Now everything described above makes this game sound awesome, right? So what caused me to rage quit?
    The answer is simple, it’s the game’s dependence on the use of RNG (Random Number Generator). Almost everything, from loot drops to dodge and attack efficiency, is at the mercy of RNG. Although this might not be big of an issue later in the game when your characters are leveled and have high critical chances, for new players this can be a deal breaker.
    In my personal example, I’ve put about 25 hours into the game and had 4 Level 6 characters when I fought against a Shambler, an optional monster encountered once the player lights a curio and gets transported into another dimension.
    During the fight, the monster and his tentacle friends slew 3 of my characters while I killed the main monster and one of the two tentacles. In the last attack, I had a Man at Arms who usually dealt 10+ damage in close range while the remaining tentacle had 8 HP left. I had the first turn and the victory was in my sight but guess what happened?
    My Men at Arms missed the tentacle, which then scored a critical and killed my character.
    Just like that, in one second, all the effort and time spend into building characters, finding, fighting and killing the Shambler were ruined by a simple tentacle which scored a better RNG then me. This event triggered such a rage in me, that I immediately uninstalled the game with no intentions of going back to it ever again.

    Combat (and pretty much everything else) depends on the RNG which can be problematic for low leveled characters.
    Now don’t get me wrong, despite all this I still think that Darkest Dungeon is a wonderfully imagined game. The hand-drawn artwork is beautiful, the background music is intense, the narrator who both mocks and compliments your actions is absolutely brilliant, the sanity, quirks and diseases mechanics are very immersive and fun to experiment with, however the dependence on RNG is in my opinion too great and it really ruined the entire game for me.
    As such I will never go back to this game again, but I would suggest people to try it out as they might discover something new about themselves or past experiences, as I did when I realized that serving a year in an Eastern European, ex-Communist army is less stressful then playing Darkest Dungeon.
    Darkest Dungeon is available on Steam for the price of 24.99$ (and potentially a few broken controllers, keyboards, screens or bones).

    Want a Game That Will Make You Feel Like a Cryptographer? Check Out Cypher, a First Person Indie Puzzle Game

    Long time ago when I was still a teen and when I had absolutely no worries in the world, I enjoyed coming home late at night after school and wind myself up by playing some video games. Most of the nights before going to bed, I would play a couple of rounds of Counter Strike 1.6 or would accompany James Sunderland in exploring the foggy town of Silent Hill.
    Now that I am a bit older, the last thing I want upon coming home from an entire day of adulting, is to be called noob by some hormonal kid on de_dust2 or be chased around by the Pyramid Head and faceless mannequin nurses in the rusty Otherworld.
    As such I have settled down with some more relaxing games before bedtime and Cypher is one of those games.  
    Cypher is an indie first-person puzzle game which was fully developed and published by Matthew Brown. The main purpose of the game is to explore a virtual museum of cryptography and solve different puzzles spread across multiple rooms. Each room includes puzzles which have been encrypted by different methods ranging from simple steganography up to the World War Two-era Enigma machine and on. Along with the puzzles, the museum walls are filled with interesting facts about the history of Cryptography, explanations of how different methods work as well as hints meant to assist the player in solving the puzzles.

    The Cryptography museum is graphically very interesting and the white marble-like floors and walls add to the feelings of calmness and mystery.
    Puzzles range from simple, straightforward ones all the way to mind numbing examples which will take a lot of effort and time in order to be solved. As every puzzle allows for only one hint, the process of solving can get rather challenging so expect to have some great Eureka! moments upon the discovery of the code-breaking pattern.

    Yes, there is a hidden word there.
    I have so far completed only the first room of 8 steganography puzzles which took me about 3 hours of gameplay time. As there are 5 more rooms with 8 puzzles each, I am fairly certain that this game will take much more time in order to be finished. Nevertheless, the excellent background classical music which includes scores such as Clair de Lune and Moonlight Sonata, and the feeling of success after solving a difficult puzzle is sure to make this game worthwhile.
    The Cypher is available on Steam for 4.99$.
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